EURAXESS Links Japan #68: October 2014 Newsletter

Please find below a link to the September edition of the EURAXESS Links Japan Newsletter:


Direct links to contents:

1                EU Insight – Weighing the Benefits of International Student Mobility on Future Employability

2                EURAXESS Links Japan Activities

2.1   EURAXESS Science Slam Japan 2014

2.2   EURAXESS Share Kansai 2014

3                Meet Professor Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council

4                News & Developments

4.1   EU, Member States and Associated Countries

4.2   Japan

4.3   Cooperation EU – Japan

5                Grants & Fellowships

5.1   European Union

5.2   EU Member States and Associated Countries

5.3   Japan

6                Jobs

6.1   EURAXESS Jobs

6.2   Jobs in Europe

6.3   Jobs in Japan

7                Events

7.1   Events in Japan

7.2   Events in Europe



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