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French Research Day in Japan 2019 (J·FR 2019)*

Sciencescope, the organization for french-speaking researchers and student in Japan, the French Embassy in Japan, CNRS – Tokyo Office North Asia, and the Institut français de Recherche sur le Japon (MFJ, UMIFRE 19, MEAE-CNRS) are organizing the 23rd French Research Day in Japan (Journée Francophone de la Recherche – J·FR 2019).

J·FR 2019 is part of the celebration in Japan of the 80th anniversary of CNRS.

J·FR 2019 is open and free to access to everyone (free-of charge) and the program will be built on several research presentation, posters, and invited keynotes for celebrating the 80th anniversary of CNRS.

Since 1997, the French Research Day is gathering yearly the community of researchers and students in Japan from all disciplines and citizenships. This event intends to promote research discussions among researchers, students, engineers, officials, company representatives or any interested person and to present their research activities in Japan.

You are kindly invited to submit your research work or to register as an attendee to participate to J·FR 2019.

The registration is free and open to all, but it is mandatory and can be made online through the J·FR 2019 form at the end of this page until:

  • *Monday, September 16th, 2019* (EXTENDED DEADLINE) Monday, September 09th 2019 (contributions)
  • Tuesday, October 1st 2019 (attendees)

*This page is a summary of the J·FR 2019 webpage in French. More information on the main webpage or by contacting us (see Contact section).

Latest News


The main objectives of J·FR 2019 are to create a social event about Research in any fields (Sciences, Applied Sciences, SHS, etc) and Technologies, and to enforce discussions among the audience.
This is an opportunity for all actors in research and development in Japan (companies, researchers, students, institutional, etc.), to meet community of French-speaking scientist in order to initiate discussions, future projects or collaborations.

Call for communications

J·FR 2019 offers three main kinds of contributions:

  1. presentation ( 20min including questions);
  2. poster (A0 size, portrait);
  3. flash-talk (short presentation – 5min)

When submitting a contribution, it is possible to choose a type of contributions (presentation, poster or flash-talk). The Organizing Committee will therefore select the contributions to be presented as presentations or posters according to research topics. J·FR 2019 could also propose flash talks for some presentation proposals, depending on topics and progress of work (preliminary research work, etc.). An initial choice could therefore be changed from a presentation to a poster or flash-talk, but not the opposite.

For flash-talks, the authors *may* also add a poster to their presentation for more information (upon own preferences).

Long format (optional)
Since 2018, we also offer contributors to publish an extended version of their presentation on a dedicated webpage of Sciencescope website (20,000 characters maximum including references).


The main language at J·FR 2019 for presentations and discussions is French.
Research Material such as presentation slides or printed posters can however be written in French or in English.

For non-native speakers or non-fluent in French that are interested by presenting at J·FR 2019, it is still possible to present your research work in English upon requests to the Organizing Committee and its approval. Indeed, the rationale is that J·FR 2019 is also aiming to welcome french-speaking Researchers whatever their level in French, or Researchers that have some background with French Research (e.g., those having collaborations with French Institutions -past/present/future-, or having received (or are interested by) Grants or Scholarships from France (BGF, ANR, etc.)

The Organizing Committee is encouraging Researchers, whose level in French is sufficient enough, to prefer French language for submitting documents (Research Summary, Biography) and for their talk.

Authors’ Instructions

In order to present your research worj at J·FR 2019 (presentation, flash-talk, poster), each contributor should submit two documents through the dropbox links available on this page: 1- a research summary; 2- a biography up-to-date.
Optional: a complementary published or accepted paper related to the research summary can also be added for the Organizing Committee.

  • Research Summary

from 350 words (min.) to 1 (One) page A4 (max.), in French or in English, by using the summary template available on this page.
The research summary can have any content material: figures, tables, references and also a reference to your own published paper (books, journal, conference proceedings, etc.)

  • Biography

from 200 words (min.) to 1 (One) page A4 (maximum), in French or in English, by using the biography template available on this page.
Optional: you may choose to include a picture in your biography (max. 600 Ko).

  • (Optional)

you may join a publish or accepted paper relate to your research summary for the Organizing Committee.

File formatting

  • Documents can be submitted into Word format (*.doc) or Pdf format (*.pdf)
  • For each of the two documents, would you mind rename your files explicitly (e.g., Bio_jfr2019_surname-name.doc)

Document Templates

Documents Deposit

Shall you propose a contribution (presentation, poster, flash-talk),
you can submit your contributions through the following Dropbox Links.
For each of the two documents (and one optional), a webpage will open and ask you to browse for your files on your computer. You will also have to fill your names and email address for each submitted files.
Then you can submit the registration form.

J·FR 2019 Registration Form

Registrations for J·FR 2019 were open up to October 03rd 2019. you can still register however by filling this form and we will let you know by e-mail. Feel free to contact Sciencescope for any inquiries sciencescopejfr@gmail.com

First Name - Last Name
Precise your affiliation
e.g., student, Ph.D. student, engineer, post-doc, Researcher, Professor, etc.
Please indicate what kind of registration (presentation, flash-talk, poster, general attendee).
Should you propose a contribution (presentation/flash-talk/poster), please check the boxes if you are submitting your documents through dropbox links. You can also submit your documents after filling this registration form.
J·FR 2019 booklet gathers all the contributions and will be distributed to all attendees.
The mailing-list is broadcasting information to keep you updated (News, events, etc.)
Thanks for letting us know in advance if you plan to attend J·FR 2019 lunch or not.
The J·FR 2019 Reception is jointly with the 80th anniversary of CNRS. The registration is under condition as there is limited seats. You will be informed later about your participation.


J·FR 2019 will take place at Maison franco-japonaise (Ebisu, Tokyo).

Maison Franco-Japonaise is located next to Ebisu Station (5min): JR Yamanote Line, JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line, JR Saikyo Line and Tokyo Subway Hibiya Line.

Maison Franco-Japonaise – 3-9-25, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013 Japon
〒150-0013 東京都渋谷区恵比寿3-9-25 日仏会館


Feel free to contact us should you need any information:

e-mail: sciencescopejfr@gmail.com

Other information: