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Job Postdoctoral Researcher at Yu Initiative Research Unit
Inst./Lab “Synthetic organic chemistry directed toward materials science”
Yu Initiative Research Unit (Unit leader: Hsiao-hua (Bruce) Yu), Advanced Science Institute
Job Description ASI Research Scientist, Postdoctoral Researcher
One to two postdoctoral researchers. Candidates will be expected to develop design and synthesize new heteroarene-based polymer systems for bioengineering applications, including tissue/cell engineering and drug/protein/nucleic acid delivery.
*Advanced Science Institute hires those who are 5 years or less after obtaining PhD as Postdoctoral Researchers, and those who are more than 5 years after obtaining PhD as ASI Research Scientists.
Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Applications Deadline Position will be closed after a suitable candidate is found.

Job Unit Leader(MG) at Omics Regulation Research Unit, LSA System Development Group
Inst./Lab Omics Regulation Research Unit, LSA System Development Group, RIKEN Omics Science Center
Job Description
①Unification, management and promotion of the research activities described in our laboratory outline.
②Development, improvement and application of analysis technologies, such as for the transcription control network, gene expression and gene expression control.
③Technology development of standardization and quality control technology for above mentioned analysis technologies.
④Planning and administration in order to spread the above mentioned technologies.
Position Unit Leader (1 person)
Applications Deadline Thursday, October 13, 2011 at noon (Japan time)

Source : RIKEN Career oppotunities – 30 Septembre 2011

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