Une offre d’emploi au KEK Institute of Material Structure Science

Open Job No. Inst./Lab /  Job Description Position Applications Deadline
Interview date
2014/6/10 IMSS14-3 Institute of Materials Structure Science

The Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS), which is affiliated to KEK acting as an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, promotes interdisciplinary and complimentary use of four types of quantum beams, synchrotron radiation (SR), neutron, muon and positron, in materials and life sciences research. The successful candidate will belong Materials Structural Physics Group of the Photon Factory (PF), and is expected to play pivotal roles in pursuing advanced Earth and planetary science or materials science mainly utilizing X-ray scattering/diffraction techniques under extreme conditions, for example high-pressure/high-temperature and/or high-pressure/low-temperature. He/she will be also expected to take the responsibilities of operation and maintenance of the related beamlines and experimental apparatuses such as laser-heated diamond anvil cells and cubic anvil cells as well as to promote active user programs of the PF.


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