Offre de post-doc à l’université de Tôkyô

Ci dessous une offre de Post-doc pour travailler avec Yannick Rondelez a Tokyo a la rentrée prochaine. Le dossier projet+candidat doit ensuite etre evalue (et potentiellement approuve) par la JSPS. Le candidat doit etre français. La deadline pour postuler est le 12 Avril. Les details sont disponibles sur l’ABG. Reference: ABG-48375

Can we compute with molecules? Living organisms use molecular networks to compute answers to an infinite variety of molecular problems. We are reproducing these processes in vitro, using DNA-based molecular programming. We have recently reported the first building of an oscillating reaction de novo, and also the compartimentalization of dynamic networks in microdroplets or the synthesis of predator-prey molecular waves in vitro.

Our work involves:
– The design of out-of-equilibrium molecular systems so that they perform a given dynamic task (molecular programming)
– The actual construction of such DNA reaction networks, using molecular biology techniques.
– The use of microfluidic tools for high throughput analysis and compartmentalization.
– Theoretical biology, to infer design rules linking the features of a molecular system with its informational functions.
– Computational analysis (Computer assisted design, Genetic algorithm, etc.) to help the above-mentioned endeavors.

The goal of this research is to provide alternative computational schemes, open new direction for the building of intelligent molecular systems such as molecular robots, and bring a better understanding of the internal organization of living organisms.

Candidates profile:
The project is a joint work between the molecular programming group of Dr. Y. Rondelez, and the microfluidic lab of Prof. T. Fujii. This project involves a combination of techniques, including microfabrication, molecular biology, microscopy, chemistry, programming etc. Being interested in these topics, the candidate will ideally possess a good and large scientific background, together with an ability to address in parallel experimental and theoretical issues. However it is a very multidisciplinary research and the variety of the possible directions will provide space for alternative skills and interests.

Yannick Rondelez, Ph.D
CNRS Researcher and Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo

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