Ochanomizu Summer Programme 2014

Ochanomizu Summer Programme 2014

お茶の水女子大学 Ochanomizu University 英語によるサマープログラム 2014 _
Summer Program in English 2014
Outlines of Lectures

1) Compulsory subjects (choose one Theme from below) Theme I : [Social sciences] Contemporary Perspectives on Social Policy, Education, Family and Development Theme II : [Natural sciences] Forms of Natural World Theme III :[Cultural studies] Cross-Border Issues of Japan and the World

2) Optional subjects (students can attend any class no matter what the chosen Theme is) Introduction to Japanese Culture 1 : Enjoy Japanese Language ! Introduction to Japanese Culture 2 : Digging in Japanese Rice Culture- Tasting and Cooking Introduction to Japanese Culture 3 : The Formation and Development of Japanese Girls’ Culture : From Girls’ Magazines and Shojo Manga

Application Procedure

Eligible applicants
* Students from overseas partner universities, Ochanomizu University/Graduate School, and Japanese partner universities

→ List of overseas partner universities

* If there are more than 90 (30 x 3 Themes) eligible applicants, they may be subject to screening

Ochanomizu Summer Programme 2014 – Maison Universitaire France-Japon.

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