French-Japanese workshop on blockchain technologies and applications to digital trust (November 14-15, Tokyo)

“French-Japanese workshop on blockchain technologies and applications to digital trust” will be held at Keio Mita Campus on 14th and 15th November 2023.

Event Info

  • Title: French-Japanese workshop on blockchain technologies and applications to digital trust
  • Date: 14th and 15th November 2023
  • Application and registration status: Open until 10th November
  • Location of the event:
  • Program: PDF


The digital transformation that is currently ongoing, and that is being theorized through the “Society 5.0” concept by the Japanese government as a seamless integration between virtual and physical world, requires the internet to not only send data from a transmitter to a receiver but to digitalize the interactions between the members of a potentially very large community. However, since the current protocols that lay the foundations of the web are not designed for such kinds of purposes, centralized platforms have emerged to bypass this shortfall by acting as a trusted third party. However, the drawbacks of this centralized structure of the world wide web are numerous and well-known (in terms of security, of privacy, etc.) and replacements are consequently investigated all around the world.

By making it possible to administer registers in a decentralized way, blockchains are a set of technologies that can possibly be candidates to facilitate digital cooperation. Some widely visible proofs of concepts, Bitcoin and Ethereum being the most renowned ones, have helped to make blockchains known to the public, but there are still many hurdles lying ahead for them to achieve this objective. France and Japan have very dynamic research ecosystems, and, based on this common interest, the aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for leading scientific experts to share their experiences, exchange views on the issues, challenges, and technological barriers, and explore opportunities for collaboration.


Many thanks to JST for patronizing this event.

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