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La Newletter du mois de Mars 2012  d’Euraxess Links Japan vient se sortir.

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Recent & Forthcoming Calls

  • Marie Curie: Career Integration Grants
  • Marie Curie: Incoming & Outgoing Fellowships
  • Europe: Early Stage Travel Grants to Attend the Euroscience Open Forum
  • Belgium: Short-Term Postdoctoral Grants
  • Europe: Joint Research Centre
  • European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Programme
  • Euraxess Jobs Portal
  • Finland: Finnish Government Scholarship Pool
  • France: Institut Pasteur Doctoral Grants (Calmette Programme)
  • France: HFSP Nakasone Award
  • Japanese Studies Positions in Europe
  • Japan: JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Japan: JSPS Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan (Short Term)
  • Japan: RIKEN Positions
  • Japan: Openings at WPI Centres
  • Japan: Summer School in Materials Science
  • Luxembourg: Innovation/Technology Transfer Manager
  • Portugal: Invetigador FCT Programme
  • Spain: ICREA Senior 2012
  • Sweden: Call to Nominate Candidates
  • Switzerland: Travel Stipendia
  • UK: Royal Society International Exchanges Scheme
  • UK: Daiwa Tohoku Tohoku Scholarships
  • Other Recently Advertised Calls

Event Announcements

  • Postdoctoral Career Day: JSPS and Human Frontier Science Programme
  • Can Japan Really Change in Response to 3.11
  • Dynamism of Immune Reactions and Regulation
  • Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference 2013: Call for Papers
  • Euroscience Open Forum
  • A Japanese Perspective on Unforeseeable Economic Trends: “Heterogeneous Economic Entities”
  • Hydrogen Energy Seminar
  • Eighth International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation
  • NIMS Conference: Structural Materials & Strategy for Sustainability – Back to the Basics
  • Norway-Japan Marine Seminar
  • Tanabata Meeting: 3rd Genomic Sciences Research Complex

Call Results & New Agreements

  •   Japan-Germany Joint Call in Computational Neuroscience

News and Developments

  • New Report on Europe-Japan Space Cooperation
  • Concert Japan joint calls on the Horizon: Efficient Energy & Disaster Mitigation
  • JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists Suspended for 2012
  • Trilateral Conference on Critical Materials

In Focus

  • Introduction to the new 2012 Funding Guide

List of Events in Japan


Source : Euraxess Links Japan – 27 Avril 2012

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