EURAXESS Links Japan Newsletter #71: Janvier 2015

Please find below a link to the first edition of this year’s EURAXESS Links Japan Newsletter:

As usual, you will find in this edition the latest developments shaping European and Japanese research relations, grants and fellowships announcements, jobs, and events.
Lots of news, calls and events on both sides this month: a perfect way to begin the year!

Direct links to content:

1     EU Insight – Fast Tracking Innovation in the EU
2     EURAXESS Links Japan Activities
2.1  EURAXESS Share Kyushu 2015

        2.2  EURAXESS Links Satisfaction Survey 2014
3     News & Developments
3.1  EU, Member States and Associated Countries
        3.2  Japan
        3.3  Cooperation EU – Japan
4     Grants & Fellowships
4.1  European Union
        4.2  EU Member States and Associated Countries
        4.3  Japan
5     Jobs
5.1  EURAXESS Jobs
        5.2  Jobs in Europe
        5.3  Jobs in Japan
6     Events
6.1  Events in Europe
        6.2  Events in Japan

EURAXESS Links Japan
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