EURAXESS Links Japan August 2015 Newsletter

Please find below a link to the August 2015 EURAXESS Links Japan (ELJ) Newsletter:

It’s not too late to apply and participate for our two big upcoming events:
–    Submissions of 3-minute videos until 21 September for the EURAXESS Science Slam Japan 2015, 23 October, Tokyo Metropolitan University, and
–    Applications through abstracts until 2 October for the European Research(ers’) Day, 11 December, Delegation of the EU to Japan, Tokyo.
Detailed event descriptions, full terms and conditions, and additional content is available, so go and check out the ELJ activities section of this newsletter, the related web pages, and our YouTube Channel for some video contents!

Lots of deadlines are closing-up on the Japanese side (JSPS) for offers going both ways (to and from Japan), so please check them asap! All upcoming September deadlines have been highlighted in this newsletter, so don’t miss them!

Finally, this month’s EU insight concerns a recently published report from the European Parliament on higher education internationalisation strategies around the global, with a particular focus on Europe.

Enjoy the reading!

Direct links to content:

1     EU Insight – Internationalisation of Higher Education in Europe
2     EURAXESS Links Japan Activities

2.1  EURAXESS Science Slam Japan 2015
2.2 European Research(ers’) Day
3     News & Developments
3.1  EU, Member States and Associated Countries
        3.2  Japan
        3.3  Cooperation EU – Japan
4     Grants & Fellowships
4.1  European Union
        4.2  EU Member States and Associated Countries
        4.3  Japan
5     Jobs
5.1  EURAXESS Jobs
        5.2  Jobs in Europe
        5.3  Jobs in Japan
6     Events
6.1  Events in Europe
        6.2  Events in Japan

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