Euraxess Japan – Newsletter Dec 2011

La dernière Newsletter d’Euraxess Links Japan vient de paraître.

Cette newsletter contient des informations sur tous les deniers appels à projets et offres de financement entre l’Europe et je Japon. Vous trouverez aussi des détails les développements de la recherche et les partenariats.



  • 7th Framework Programme Calls
  • Recent & Forthcoming Calls

– European Research Council: Advanced Grants
– Euraxess Jobs Portal
– Europe: EMBO Long Term Fellowships
– Finland: Finnish Government Scholarship Pool
– Finland: Finland Distinguished Professor Programme (FIDIPRO)
– France: Post Doctoral Return
– France: Chairs of Excellence
– Japan: JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers (Short term)
– Japan: JSPS Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan (Short Term)
– Japan: RIKEN
– Japan: RIKEN BSI Summer School
– JREC-IN Openings
– Japan: Openings at WPI Centres
– Japan: Tenure Track / Other Positions
– Luxembourg: ATTRACT Programme
– Luxembourg: AFR PhD/Postdoctoral Grants
– Netherlands: Internationalisation in the Humanities
– Netherlands: VICI Programme (Senior Researchers)
– Norway: Young Guest & Doctoral Researchers Annual Scholarships for Investigation &
Learning (Yggdrasil)
– Poland: Conference Grants
– Poland: Homing Plus
– Spain: ICFOnest
– Sweden: International Postdoctoral Grant
– Turkey: Global Researcher Programme
– United Nations University- UNU-IAS Fellowship Programme
– UK: Daiwa Foundation Small Grants & Daiwa Foundation Awards
– UK: British Academy International Partnership & Mobility Scheme

  • Event Announcements

– DIJ Forum: University-Industry Research Collaborations in Japan, the United States and Korea
– DIJ: Leadership Succession at Foreign Subsidiaries in Japan
– ERA Conference 2012: Fostering Efficiency, Excellence and Growth
– ESF – JSPS Frontier Science Conference
– IAU Symposium 279: Death of Massive Stars: Supernovae and Gamma Ray Bursts
– Intangible Investment, Innovation and Productivity
– International Symposium on Development of Core Technologies for Green Nanoelectronics
– IPMU: Growing Black Holes in COSMOS
– Japan-Sweden Research Cooperation
– Maison Franco Japonaise forthcoming events over January
– MANA International Symposium
– Nanotech Japan 2012
– Tanabata Meeting: 3rd Genomic Sciences Research Complex

  • Call Results

– Japan-EU Collaboration in the Environment field

  • News and Developments

– Survey of Science and Technology in Japan
– Dip in Number of Foreign Students in Japan
– Danish Presidency of the European Union

  • In Focus

– Science and Technology Budget for 2012-13

  • List of Events in Japan


Source : Lee Woolgard – Euraxess Links Japan – 24 Janvier 2012

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