Conférence « Brain Diseases and Molecular Machines », Tôkyô, 20–23 novembre 2012.

La seconde conférence Brain Diseases and Molecular Machines, sur le dévelopment, la longévité et les maladies neurodégénératives, aura lieu à Tôkyô du 20 au 23 novembre 2012. Voici l’annonce en anglais.

The aim of these cross-disciplinary meetings is to discuss how the last developments in molecular evolution, developmental biology, systems biology, human genetics and clinical research may enhance translational research on brain diseases.

By discussing upfront knowledge on evolutionnary, developmental and maintenance mechanisms, the goal of these conferences is to illuminate promising paths towards the development of neuroprotective drugs.

Join us November 20 – 23 2012 for the 2nd Brain Diseases and Molecular Machines Conference on ‘Development, Longevity and Neurodegenerative disease’ to be held in Tokyo, Japan

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