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Open 2011/08/29

Inst./Lab Continuum Systems Computational Field Theory Research Team, RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science  (Team Leader: Dr. Yoshinobu KURAMASHI)

Job description AICS is an organization which carries out research and development of computational and computer sciences and will operate a 10 Pflops-class supercomputer named “K computer”. It leads high-performance computing in Japan aiming at establishing a world-class research center in cooperation with a wide variety of research institutes. Special emphasis is placed on research and development of future computer technologies in close collaboration between computational and computer scientists focusing on usability across a wide range of fields and efficiency in high-performance computing.
Research field of our team is computational elementary particle physics, which is one of the most advanced case in quantum sciences. We investigate nonperturbative properties of elementary particles and nuclei through numerical simulations with lattice QCD (Quantum ChromoDynamics). The research is performed in collaboration with applied mathematicians, who are experts in developing and improving algorithms, and computer scientists responsible for research and development of software and hardware systems.

Position 3 Research Scientists

Deadline 18 November 2011

Source : RIKEN Career oppotunities – 5 Septembre 2011

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