27/12 – 1 offre KEK

Open: 2011/12/27

Job No. IMSS11-11

Inst./Lab: Institute of Materials Structure Science

Job Description:

The Institute of Materials Structure Science promotes advanced research in material and life sciences using synchrotron radiation, neutron, muon, and slow positron beam. The successful candidate is expected to be engaged in one of the research fields listed below using synchrotron radiation from the two electron storage rings installed at the Photon Factory.

  1. Developemnt of soft X-ray imaging spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation and its application to studies on rare metal materials
  2. Dynamical studies of photoexciation using synchrotron radiation and synchronized femto second lasers
  3. Structural studies of posttranslational modification and transport of proteins using synchrotron radiation
  4. Study on hydrogen storage materials at high temperature and high pressure using synchrotron radiation nuclear resonant scattering

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Applications deadline: 2012/1/30


Source : Job opportunities / KEK – 12 Janvier 2012

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