2 offres d’emploi d’Associate Professor et Postdoc au KEK


The Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS) promotes interdisciplinary
and complimentary use of four types of quantum beams, synchrotron radiation
(SR), neutron, muon and positron, in materials and life sciences research.
The successful candidate will be belong to the Neutron Science Division
and is expected to play pivotal roles in construction of polarized neutron
spectrometer (BL23) at J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex)
and pursuing material science research with the spectrometer. He/she will
also be expected to take a leading role in promoting inter-university user
programs at the Materials Life Science Facility of J-PARC.

Associate Professor


The successful candidate belongs to the Neutron Science Division (KENS)
and is expected to drive neutron science through advanced usages of existing
neutron instruments (BL05, BL06, BL08, BL09, BL12, BL16, BL21) in J-PARC/MLF
or take part in a construction of spin-echo instrument (BL06) or polarized
neutron instrument (BL23).

Postdoctoral Fellow


Source : Job Opportunities – KEK

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