2 offres d’emploi au KEK

Open Job No. ARL12-6

Inst./Lab Applied Research Laboratory

Job Description The successful candidate will belong to Radiation Science Center in KEK and work in the field of radiation protection for accelerator facilities. She/He is expected to play a role in development and maintenance of the radiation and radioactive monitoring system in KEK. She/He is also expected to take part in the radiation safety control in the KEK Tsukuba site as a regional radiation safety officer of the radiation control area. The applicant without the Japanese first class certification as a supervisor of radiation protection is requested to obtain the qualification in the earliest chance.

Position Assistant Professor

Applications Deadline 2013/1/28


Open Job No. ACCL12-13

Inst./Lab Accelerator Laboratory

Job Description The successful candidate will belong to Accelerator Laboratory, and is expected to take a major role in the construction and development of proton beam line and neutron target system for the Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) system using proton accelerators. The candidate is also expected to engage in the operation, improvement, and maintenance of related accelerators as well as in R&D work on accelerator technologies for future projects that KEK is promoting.

Position Associate Professor

Applications Deadline 2013/1/28


Source : Job opportunities | KEK

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