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RIKEN Omics Science Center

Job Seeking Research Scientist, Postdoctoral Researcher, Technical Scientist, or Technical Staff(EN) at Functional Genomics Technology Team
Inst./Lab Functional Genomics Technology Team, RIKEN Omics Science Center
Job Description [Project name : Comprehensive Characterization and Classification of the Human Transcriptome (ENCODE)] This project will focus on the discovery, validation and analysis of novel classes of non-coding RNAs, a project coordinated with the international ENCODE consortium (http://www.genome.gov/10005107). The RIKEN Omics Science Center will contribute with original technology and analysis, including cap-analysis gene expression (CAGE) on various types of RNAs to deeply assess the variability of the transcriptome and produce a comprehensive collection of transcription starting sites for any type of RNAs. The project will also involve experiments to characterize genome-wise existence and the function of novel classes of RNAs or their promoters.
[Research Scientist] Carries out the research in accordance with the themes of the team. The position requires giving guidance to Postdoctoral Researchers and Technical Staff when necessary.
[Postdoctoral Researcher] Works independently to carry out research assigned by supervisors and build experience for further work as a research scientist.
[Technical Scientist] Oversees and provides guidance to Technical Staff and engages in technological development.
[Technical Staff] Provides technical support for the assigned project.
Position various
Applications Deadline Until the position is filled

Source : RIKEN Career oppotunities – 12 Octobre 2011

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