1 offre de Project Associate Professor Opening au GPSS-GLI de l’Université de Tokyo

The ‘Graduate Program in Sustainability Science – Global Leadership Initiative’ (GPSS-GLI) is an initiative developed under MEXT’s ‘Program for Leading Graduate Schools’. It provides the training necessary for future global leaders to make a profound impact on sustainability science and sustainable development. Through intensely specialized studies and a general education foundation, as well as international and practical experience, students are expected to develop the skills necessary for global leadership, acquire a broad global perspective and problem solving capabilities, and learn to apply the concept of sustainability to design a future society. As a part of its development, GPSS-GLI is now soliciting applications for a Project Associate Professor position.

[détails de l’offre]

[Graduate School of Frontier Sciences]


Deadline 21 Septembre 2012


Source : The University of Tokyo | Job Opportunities

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